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Animation Studio

 TheJigsaw Production, Animation Studio in Mumbai . We have a experienced team of animators and have the ability to make 2D animation & 3D animation , animated product demos, architectural visualization, e learning based animation. Do call us for details. Here are examples of animation video If you want this kind of Animation Videos please contact us. Website:- Animation Studios   Phone No:- (+91) 9833074070 Email Id:-
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Best Apps For Live Streaming

Want to start a broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, or others? Have lot in mind but confused with all the options available. What is the equipment you use for broadcasting – a mobile phone or you PC? Do you use live streaming tool or go naive? What does it all even mean?  I see your confused, but don’t worry you are not alone. It is confusing! Because of the unlimited options available online. Firstly to broadcast live to a platform like Facebook, YouTube, etc. you would require an app. The applications will take your video and audio and broadcast it on the platforms which will further be streamed live out to your audience. So here we are with your first aid towards Live Streaming , The Top 5 apps to use for Live Streaming: 1. Periscope Periscope being the sure option to be shown when you try searching for live streaming applications. It is an Android live streaming application which has now linked itself with Twitter. Twitter allows one to live stream and also share t

List of Whiteboard Video Makers in India

There are several companies which make and prepare the Whiteboard videos or doodles across India.The whiteboard holds the power to present things in a graphical pattern with a pen which gets fit into a little space but holds tons of values within it. These whiteboard videos can be made using some whiteboard video maker . Let us see few companies which creates such wonderful whiteboard platforms in India - 1. Video Explainer | Mumbai This is the most famous whiteboard maker in Mumbai which gives a lot of interfering facilities in its platform which allows us to work with the application without any hindrance. This makes the work easy and convenient to use throughout. Let’s see a glance of their work from their website. Website :- Video Explainer Company Mumbai 2. Video Explainer | Pune When it’s about the whiteboard making companies , this is one of the best companies one has ever seen in Mumbai which creates wonderful whiteboard platforms and helps one to make a quick and healthy way

Corporate Film Makers Mumbai

TheJigsaw Production Company Due to modern technology, it’s very much easy and convenient to communicate over a long distance in just a few seconds. However, traveling long distance is not as easy and convenient. What if someone from another continent wants to know and have a look at a company’s workability and services located in another continent? The best way to showcase your company’s work is by making corporate films, products demo videos and advertisement films. Corporate videos are the best way to attract your audience attention and explain your point. THE JIGSAW, established by a group of experts in video production, is a professional corporate video production company in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The Jigsaw is a video production company headquartered in Mumbai and operating across the globe. Headed by media professionals, associated  with leading broadcasters in the country. The Jigsaw is into video production, animation, business presentations, special effects and a

30 Types Of Animated Styles & Techniques

Motion graphics and animation are both out of the box and great ways for marketing and advertising. Be it easy to understand, interesting to watch, or the eye-catchy factor, animated videos , and techniques always have a wizard-like feel. Smooth animation techniques make the videos flow like MAGIC. Worldwide this technique is being used for various purposes along with business promotion. So, its demand is increasing with every passing year. The graphic designers and the animators have become one of the busiest jobs presently. As per the contemporary trends, the designers are to create new and engaging designs, motions graphics , and animation. They are to be trendy and fresh and for it to remain fresh we need to excavate the options available. Thus, find below the top 30 animation styles and techniques one can use to make his/her videos MAGICAL! Stop Motion Videos Stop motion is a way of animation where a huge number of photographs are stitched together to c

Corporate Video Production [ The Master Guide ]

You must have heard that videos for your brand or company is the in thing nowadays. With digital mediums like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram, distribution of your corporate videos have become quite easy. And with video consumption rising at a fast pace, this could be the right time to get your company video made. But there could be so many questions – How to get it made? How much will it cost? What are things to take care of in the corporate video? So, in order to make life a bit more simple for your, we at The Jigsaw (with over one decades experience in corporate video production ), have decided to make a detailed corporate video production guide for your, which will answer all your questions. What are Corporate Videos? To put it in short words corporate video production involves telling a compelling story in a concise way. Corporate video’s content is targeted towards the company’s core selling demographics or demographics. Corporate video is an

Corporate Video Makers Mumbai

TheJigsaw is a Corporate Video Makers & Video Production Company based in Mumbai and has been active in the field of making corporate films for over fifteen years. According to reports about ninety percent of the internet traffic will comprise of video by the next year. So why are people rushing to see videos, why does YouTube garner millions of hits every single day?  The reason is that today, with faster internet speeds video can communicate your message in the most effective way possible. You can now deliver your message most transparently and engagingly possible. But to achieve this, you will need a video production company in Mumbai that not only understands exactly what you want to accomplish but also knows how to translate that into a video that your audience enjoys and retains in their minds. Corporate videos can bring your brands to life; promote your business or service in a very effective way. You can use video, music, animation, and graphics or a combin